Tech 21 Introduces the Geddy Lee DI-2112 Pedal

Tech 21 DI-2112 Pedal

Building on their line of Geddy Lee signature models, Tech 21 unveiled the Sansamp DI-2112 at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show. The pedal combines features from GED-2112 rackmount and the SanAmp YYZ.

“The Drive pre-amp section is based upon the versatile SansAmp RPM, for a wide range of sonic possibilities,” the company writes. “The Deep pre-amp section offers thick, meaty tones. Saturation goes from clean in lower settings to increased harmonics and tube-like compression in higher settings. You can use either section independently or blend them externally direct to a mixing board as well as to two amplifiers.”

Get a full rundown of the DI-2112 in this NAMM interview from Premier Guitar:

The Tech 21 DI-2112 will be available soon with price point of $329.

Tech 21 DI-2112 Pedal Features:

Dual, all-analog SansAmp circuits with individual Level controls
Drive for gain and overdrive
Saturation for low-end beef with separate Level control
Blend to control the ratio of SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation and your direct instrument signal
Sweepable semi-parametric EQ, 170 Hz to 3.0 kHz, cut/boost 12dB
Tight switch adds definition to your notes in cleaner settings and makes distorted tones snappier 1/4-inch 1megOhm input
Dual balanced low impedance XLR outputs with Level Selector switch and Ground Lift to go direct to a PA desk or studio board
Dual 1/4-inch low impedance outputs with Level Selector switch
1/4-inch tuner output
Rugged, all-metal housing and jacks
Measures 6.375″l x 4.0″w x 1.75″h
Weighs just 19 oz.
Runs on 18V DC for increased headroom and clarity, via power supply or two 9V alkaline batteries (not included)

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