Adam Booker Releases “Seven Last Words”

Adam Booker: Seven Last WordsAdam Booker has released his second album as a leader, entitled Seven Last Words. The album is a showcase for the dichotomy of his playing as it alternates tracks between two sets of music: composer David Heyes’s classically-oriented “Seven Last Words from the Cross” for solo double bass and Booker’s own jazz combo arrangements of the Mass. It’s clear from the recording, he’s comfortable in both worlds.

His rich, woody bass tone adds depth and character to the Heyes works. Booker’s use of dynamics lures you in and keeps you enthralled – just as Heyes intended for the piece.

“As bassists, we know that the double bass can be a very colorful, evocative and descriptive instrument, able to portray many moods and emotions, which I wanted to demonstrate to new audiences,” Heyes writes. “I aimed to create a seven movement work which employed a range of performance techniques, alongside creating atmospheric mini soundscapes, with movements which could be performed individually or collectively. Each is influenced by its title and a generally low tessitura is used, although the higher solo register is also employed in some to demonstrate the many and varied facets of the solo double bass.”

Hear the opening track, “I. Father, Forgive Them For They Know Not What To Do”:

Booker’s version of the Mass also benefits from his tone, which provides a warm foundation for the band to play on. The bassist enlisted trumpeter John Raymond, pianist Pavel Wlosok, and drummer Geoff Clapp – a wise decision based on the group’s interplay. Check out the straight-eighth groove on “Agnus Dei”:

Seven Last Words is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3.

Seven Last Words Track List:

  1. I. Father, Forgive Them for They Know Not What to Do
  2. Kyrie (feat. Pavel Wlosok & Geoff Clapp)
  3. II. Truly, I Say To You
  4. Gloria (feat. John Raymond, Pavel Wlosok & Geoff Clapp)
  5. III. Woman, Behold Your Son
  6. Credo (feat. Pavel Wlosok & Geoff Clapp)
  7. IV. My God, My God
  8. Sanctus (feat. John Raymond, Pavel Wlosok & Geoff Clapp)
  9. V. I Thirst
  10. VI. It Is Finished
  11. Still Soft Voice
  12. Agnus Dei (feat. John Raymond, Pavel Wlosok & Geoff Clapp)
  13. VII. Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend Thy Spirit

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