Lorenzo Feliciati Returns with “Rumble”

Lorenzo Feliciati: RumbleLorenzo Feliciati returned to the studio for his new EP, Rumble, which is available now. The four-track release centers around the rhythm section of Feliciati and drummer Jason JT Thomas as well as the Koi Horn section: Stan Adams on Trombone, Pierluigi Bastioli on Bass Trombone, and Duilio Ingrossom on Baritone Sax. Together, the band creates a thick soundscape for the album.

“The title refers to the deep gurgling sound of trembling earth, the resonant turmoil feeling produced by something majestic, like a herd of elephants on the run,” a press release states.

Feliciati’s bass work leads the charge through much of the music. A multi-talented player, he utilizes fretted and fretted electric bass as well as the double bass. Additionally, he provides electric guitar, keys, and sound design for the record. Rumble is filled out by percussionist Martin Verdonk, pianist Alessandro Gwis, and keyboardist Aidan Zammit.

Rumble is available now via Bandcamp.

Rumble EP Track List:

  1. Art of Mistake
  2. Five Enemies
  3. Force Quit
  4. Rumble

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