Guy Pratt’s Lockdown Licks: Ain’t No Doubt

On the bright side of the world being on lockdown, many of our favorite bassists are able to take the time to create videos. That includes session ace Guy Pratt.

The witty bassist has started a YouTube series he’s calling “Lockdown Licks,” where he shows you how to play songs from his career. For the first episode, he’s chosen “Ain’t No Doubt” by Jimmy Nail, a song that Pratt is a co-wrote since it began with the bass line.

Check out the great story and great playing:

Leland Sklar has started a similar series, so be sure to check that out with his playthrough of “Against All Odds.”

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  1. Len Mo

    Cool bass line, and double stops to boot. That’s rare in Pop music. You have a shy pinkie finger. lol Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paul

    Thanks for doing this for us

  3. Looking forward to this series,not a bass player but mainly guitar nowadays but back when ‘like a prayer’ came out,our bassist came into the rehearsal one day and raved about the playing on the track,since that day whenever it is played on the radio I still have to stop what I’m doing and listen,great job guy.Also is a reminder of our bassist who sadly passed away a couple of years ago,the bass he treasured most was his 1980 yellow precision,betsy probably means the same to you…

  4. MikeyM.

    What a killer melodic groove Mr. Pratt. I totally enjoyed this. I look forward to hearing more from you in this series Sir. Thank You!