Mai Leisz Releases “Raven”

Mai Leisz

Mai Leisz has unveiled her new single, “Raven”, which is available now for streaming or download. The song once again features her magnificent bass work with Greg Leisz on lap steel guitar, Mike Landau on electric guitar, and Gary Novak on drums. The bassist explained the song’s meaning on Facebook.

“In the spring there was a fire near our home,” she wrote. “The next morning I saw a raven on the ground and an unkindness of ravens flying in the sky above it as if they were grieving the lost one. That night I had a dream. I saw that I rescued that bird, tended to its wounds, healed, and fed that beautiful, majestic bird. When it was time to release the raven, I was hoping that the bird would look back to me… but it didn’t. It flew away – wild and free. Perhaps I, too, was grieving for something that I had lost in me, or perhaps… it was telling me that it’s my time to fly. Wild and free.”

“Raven” is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other streaming services.

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