Joseph Conyers Launches “Orchestra Chops” Course on Discover Double Bass

Joseph Conyers Discover Double Bass

If you’re looking to up your classical game during the quarantine, then you’re in luck. Discover Double Bass has just launched its latest course with its newest instructor: Juilliard professor and assistant principal bassist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Joseph Conyers.

“This course is designed for bassists wanting to improve their classical double bass playing through a series of focussed orchestral excerpts,” the site explains. “It’s also a great fit for those preparing for orchestral auditions as it features popular audition excerpts.”

Conyers guides you through six detailed orchestral excerpts with 46 lessons and over three hours of video. Each lesson has transcriptions of the excerpts as well as the accompanying exercises. “Joseph goes through each musical example in detail, creating etudes out of the excerpts and focussing on techniques such as shifting, articulations, fingering choices, phrasing, breathing, rhythm and much more. He shares his thorough approach to the pieces to create engaging and technical performances to help you win that audition or simply improve your classical playing.”

Get a taste of the course and hear the bassist’s incredibly warm tone in this preview:

The Orchestra Chops Vol. 1 course is available now at at a special introductory price of $74.25. The regular price will be $99.

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