The Fearless Flyers Debut Full-Length Album Available for Preorder

The Fearless Flyers: TailwindsVulfpeck offshoot The Fearless Flyers have announced their third album, Tailwinds, which will be the group’s first full-length offering. As usual, the group lets the music speak for itself, but the pre-order page calls it “Olympic Funk” and “Stoic yet panicked.”

The Fearless Flyers include the dynamic rhythm section of drummer Nate Smith and bassist Joe Dart, who lay down some serious groove. The album is filled out by guitarists Mark Lettieri and Cory Wong, plus the horn section of Alekos Syropoulos, Kenni Holmen, and Grace Kelly.

Get a taste of the band with this incredible clip of “Colonel Panic”, which features a cooking bass line by Dart:

Currently, Tailwinds is only available as a pre-order on vinyl through Qrates. The band writes it will only be available for sale during the month of May, so be sure to snag your copy.

Tailwinds Track List:

  1. Nate Smith is the Ace of Aces
  2. Introducing Delta Force
  3. Assassin
  4. Ambush
  5. Colonel Panic
  6. The Birdwatcher
  7. Adrienne and Adrianne
  8. Kenni and the Jets
  9. Kauai
  10. The Speedwalker

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