Jimmy Johnson Anchors 1986 Allan Holdsworth Live Album

Allan Holdsworth: Frankfurt ’86Three years after his passing, a new live album from guitar genius Allan Holdsworth is available to the public. Frankfurt ’86, which is the third in a series of posthumous releases from Manifesto Records, is a double-disc CD/DVD package that showcases the guitar genius during the Deutsches Jazz Festival on February 16, 1986. The nine-song set has been digitally remastered from the original tapes.

As always, Holdsworth was backed by an equally incredible band, including drummer Gary Husband, keyboardist Kei Akagi, and bassist Jimmy Johnson. The concert includes great performances of tracks from Atavachron, which would be released just months later.

Get a taste of the band and Johnson’s sensitive playing in this preview clip:

Frankfurt ’86 is available now through Amazon.

Frankfurt ’86 Track List:

  1. Three Sheets To The Wind
  2. Letters Of Marque
  3. Tokyo Dream
  4. Looking Glass
  5. Atavachron
  6. Non-Brewed Condiment
  7. White Line
  8. Swallow Sea
  9. Devil Take the Hindmost

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  1. jeff henning

    Just got this CD/DVD today. It is changing my life at this very moment. AH is, of course, incredible and seeing him play a SynthAxe is very cool. Husband and Johnson are both quite ridiculous.

    Kei Akagi, though, is an unknown treasure. Incredibly bad ass.

    If you want to see the greatest guitarist ever (not just my opinion but EVH’s and Santana’s as well) with a band that will make you want to either get way better or burn your instrument, this is the video to buy.

    When it comes to Allan Holdsworth, there is no substitute.