Ernie Ball Music Man Unveils Mike Herrera StingRay Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man Mike Herrera StingRay Bass

MxPx frontman Mike Herrera has a new signature StingRay bass from Ernie Ball Music Man. The bassist has used a StingRay for over 20 years, and now the company says “Herrera’s secret weapon is available to the public.”

The bass’s ash body is finished in Seafoam Green and has a custom white pearloid pickguard with the band’s logo engraved into it. Unlike most StingRays, Herrera’s axe is a passive instrument and has the pickup wired straight to the jack with three dummy knobs.

“Some people are probably going to be very confused when they get this and their knobs don’t work,” Herrera says. “When I started out I was going crazy on stage. I [hit the] volume knob or the tone knob and wonder why everything sounded so weird. So that’s why I started doing this and I’ve been doing it my whole career.”

Other features include 21 frets, an engraved neck plate, and a six-bolt maple neck. The Ernie Ball Music Man Mike Herrera StingRay Bass is available now directly for $2,499.

Ernie Ball Music Man Mike Herrera StingRay Bass Specs:

Frets:21 High Profile Wide, Nickel Silver
Fret Markers:Dot Inlay
Pickguard:Engraved White Pearloid, 3-ply with black center layer
Pickup:Music Man humbucking with Alnico magnets
Controls:3 dummy knobs, pickup wired directly to jack
Tuners:Schaller BM, with tapered string posts
Bridge:Music Man Chrome plated, hardened steel bridge plate with stainless steel saddles
Color:Seafoam Green

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  1. Chris K

    Not sure i would spend the money on it with non functional knobs.

  2. Phil Moore

    Just like Nikki sixx’s tb bass control wise.. sorta

  3. Luke

    I mean, it’s awesome because MxPx but taking a step back I don’t know why anyone would pay $2500 for a bass with no tone or volume knobs. Even if the knobs worked, 2500 is still a lot…