Bass of the Week: EBG-Instruments EBG-4 JJ SP “Steampunk” Bass

EBG-Instruments EBG-4 JJ SP "Steampunk" Bass

This week we’re taking a look at an amazing steampunk bass from EBG-Instruments (formerly Eye’s Bass Guitars) built for endorser Jimmy Johannson from the Swedish band H.E.A.T. Luthier Marc Locher implemented tons of features to the instrument, including a band logo and a volume control that goes to 11.

“It was very important to me that the bass remains super playable and light. The setup was now clear,” Locher writes. “I used mahogany wood for the body and neck. The center block of my instruments is always made of anodized aluminum. In this case a special color copper. The fingerboard is made of flamed ebony. The copper sheet front was aged using a special process. Likewise, all screws that you see. The fretboard got really special inlays made of real Swedish cartridge cases (country of origin of Jimmy). A very old Swedish Öre coin is also installed on the lower body. On the top of the body, you will find other typical steampunk elements such as a clockwork and a key. Both are embedded in the body in ancient brass frames. Likewise, of course, steam pipes around the bridge. Another cool thing is the illuminated bass amp tube in the center block. It is (also the key) illuminated with a red LED. Tubes are classic steampunk gadgets.”

Locher milled the H.E.A.T. logo out of brass and aged it to match the steampunk aesthetic. His favorite part of the instrument is the volume control. “Not only does it go to 11 – it also engages mechanically in all 11 positions,” he explains. “It works via a functional, self-designed and of course self-made gear with 3 gears. The volume control sits on the front gear. There is a catch behind it. When it is rotated, the rotation moves to the middle wheel and then drives the left gear. The potentiometer is behind that.”

You can hear the bass in action in these demo clips:

EBG-Instruments EBG-4 JJ SP “Steampunk” Bass Specs:

Body:Mahogany with vintage copper top, aluminum center section
Headplate:Mahogany with vintage copper top
Neck:Mahogany blocked (Saddle 42mm, XII 56mm)
Fingerboard:African Ebony
Frets:22 Jumbo
Pickups:Häussel big Jazz Bass Pickups (N+B)
Controls:Volume (1-11) in single steps with copper gears, tone pot in a ball-bearing gear plate.
Bridge:Schaller Basssteg 2000 / vintage copper
Tuners:Schaller M4 / Schaller Vintage copper
Finish:Satin frosted (anti scratch)
Other:Special inlays all around the instrument, special cartridge inlays and steampunk inlays (illuminated tube and key...)

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