The Psychedelic Furs Return with “Made of Rain”

The Psychedelic Furs: Made of RainForty years after their inception and thirty years after their last studio album, The Psychedelic Furs have returned with Made of Rain. The post-punk band had planned to record new material when they first reunited in 2000, but it didn’t feel right until now.

“We finally got to a stage where the songs would be good enough to stand up against our back catalog with everything,” bassist and co-founder Tim Butler told Forbes. “We were always worried whether it was going to stand up against our back work. So we finally got a bunch of songs that we thought: ‘These are great ideas. It’s time we go in and record.’”

Indeed, the music is the perfect mixture of retaining the band’s DNA while updating their sonic palette. Butler’s bass often contributes to the thick textures of the songs with fat and overdriven tones. He also leads the direction of several songs, like “Come All Ye Faithful”:

Made of Rain is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Made of Rain Track List:

  1. The Boy That Invented Rock and Roll
  2. Don’t Believe
  3. You’ll Be Mine
  4. Wrong Train
  5. This’ll Never Be Like Love
  6. Ash Wednesday
  7. Come All Ye Faithful
  8. No-One
  9. Tiny Hands
  10. Hide The Medicine
  11. Turn Your Back on Me
  12. Stars

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