N-Audio Unveils Two Amps To Cabinet Amp Switcher

N-Audio Two Amps To Cabinet Amp SwitcherN-Audio has introduced a new compact solution for switching between two amps connected to a single cabinet. Aptly named the “Two Amps to Cabinet,” the system is a two channel amp switcher that includes a control unit that connects to the amplifiers and a foot controller for hands-free use.

The system comes in a mono version and a stereo version, which includes two amp switchers and a single footswitch. Both inputs and outputs are electrically isolated to avoid ground loops, while the system has a built-in protection for working with tube amps. It also has MIDI capability to connect with your MIDI controller.

The N-Audio Two Amps to Cabinet Amp Switcher is handcrafted in Bulgaria. It’s available now starting at approximately $268. For more info, check out the N-Audio website.

N-Audio Two Amps to Cabinet Amp Switcher Details:

  • Dimensions: Footcontroller, Control unit
  • Power supply: 9-12VDC
  • Current consumption: 80 mA
  • Midi controllable
  • Speaker relay is rated to 8Amps

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