Mai Leisz Launches New Single, “Mo Chuisle Mo Chroi”

Mai Leisz: Mo Chuisle Mo Chroi

Mai Leisz has followed up on “Ho’oponopono” with another new single for summer. “Mo Chuisle Mo Chroi” is written by the bassist with her husband, Greg Leisz, and features some achingly beautiful playing.

“’Mo Chuisle Mo Chroi’ means pulse of my heart’ or ‘my pulse, my heart’ in Gaelic,” she explains. “It’s a wee love song that Greg and I co-wrote together and recorded it at our home studio. During the pandemic both our tours got postponed – mine with David Crosby and his with Jackson Browne. We wouldn’t have seen each other for about 4-5 months but now we had all this time, in the arms of our love, and this song is what came out.”

Mai sets up the time with a rhythmic pattern utilizing harmonics while Greg creates a gorgeous atmosphere on the pedal steel. They then play the melody together with Mai emoting through the fretless bass.

“Mo Chuisle Mo Chroi” is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, and other streaming services.

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  1. Craig Strain

    Beautiful track :)