Mai Leisz Releases New Single, “Ho’oponopono”

Mai Leisz

Photo by Greg Leisz

Mai Leisz has released a second single for 2020 with the new track, “Ho’oponopono”, which is available today. The bass-forward song is described as a “roaring instrumental modern jazz-fusion combining elements of improvisation, California surf guitar and Americana.” Leisz got a world-class band to record it with Michael Landau on guitar, Gary Novak on drums, and Greg Leisz on electric guitar and banjo.

“‘Ho’oponopono’ is a Hawaiian practice for healing and forgiveness which the world needs now more than ever,” Leisz writes. “The song is inspired by introspective contemplation of inner star wars, the journey within from healing and forgiving oneself to being able to forgive others.”

The song begins with some beautiful chord and melody doubling by Leisz and Landau, drifting into a meditative rock-oriented groove. She spices things up with a syncopated groove that adds banjo for a new texture before taking her own thoughtful solo.

“Ho’oponopono” is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

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