Fender Announces the Trapper Bass Distortion Pedal

Fender Trapper Bass Distortion PedalLast year marked the first-ever bass-specific pedal from Fender, and now they’ve revealed another for later this year. The Trapper Bass Distortion is a modified version of their Trapper that features two distortion circuits that can be used separately or stacked together.

Both of the channels have Gain, Tone, and Level controls, but each has its own sound. Channel One has a crossover-blend for retaining low end, while channel two is described as a “solo” channel with extra crunch. The second channel also has a frequency knob and sub-level knob for extra tweaking.

Other features of the Trapper Bass Distortion include an all-analog signal path, LED-backlit knobs, and an anodized aluminum housing. It will be shipping in November with a street price of $169.

Fender Trapper Bass Distortion Pedal Features:

Dual Channel Distortion
Independent Footswitches for Separate or Combined Signals
Gain, Tone, Level Knobs on Both Channels
Frequency and Sub Level Knobs for Channel 2
LED-backlit Knobs
Anodized Aluminum Construction

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