The Allman Betts Band Release Second Album, “Bless Your Heart”

The Allman Betts Band: Bless Your HeartA year after their triumphant debut, the Allman Betts Band has released their sophomore record, Bless Your Heart. The group, formed by the sons of original Allman Brothers Band members, once again tracked their music at Muscle Shoals Sounds Studio on two-inch tape for a warm, vintage sound. While the recording process was similar, Bless Your Heart clearly shows the band’s growth over the past year.

“I think we definitely challenged ourselves, pushed ourselves artistically, and widened the spectrum on all levels. We wanted something that was a little more sweeping. A deeper experience,” says guitarist Duane Betts.

Along with Betts and guitarist Devon Allman, bassist Berry Duane Oakley is the third link to the original Allman Brothers Band as he is the son of founding bassist Berry Oakley. His burly bass tone helps to propel each of the songs with a style more reminiscent of Duck Dunn and James Jamerson. While he has been a singer in nearly all his other bands (Bloodline, Blue Floyd, the Robby Krieger Band), Bless Your Heart features the first song with Oakley taking lead vocals on an Allman Betts Band track.

“Between the three of us, we have such unique voices,” he told us in an interview last year. “I lean more towards the blues and soul, Devon is more rock and roll, and Duane has that country thing. It’s nice taking turns.”

Hear Oakley on bass and vocals on “The Doctor’s Daughter”:

Bless Your Heart is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Bless Your Heart Track List:

  1. Pale Horse Rider
  2. Carolina Song
  3. King Crawler
  4. Ashes of My Lovers
  5. Savannah’s Dream
  6. Airboats & Cocaine
  7. Southern Rain
  8. Rivers Run
  9. Magnolia Road
  10. Should We Ever Part
  11. The Doctor’s Daughter
  12. Much Obliged
  13. Congratulations

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  1. Robert Rogers

    Wow, very nice. We had tickets to see them this year, but unfortunately cancelled due to Covid.

  2. Big John V

    I listened to about half of the songs on the web and this sounds like a keeper To me, the first tune has a Neil Young sound to it I’m thinking about picking this one up.