Kansas – “Leftoverture”: The Complete Basslines, Part 3

Dave Hope

Chapter 3: “What’s On My Mind”

Fans of Kansas and their bassist Dave Hope will be interested to know that Tim Fletcher and Troy Hughes’ project ‘Kansas: Leftoverture – The Complete Basslines’ has reached its third chapter, featuring Dave Hope’s bassline for ‘What’s On My Mind’.

This is one of the more straightforward tracks on the album, but there are a few challenging sections – even Kansas’ simpler songs have aspects that can catch you out!

This chapter carries on from the first and second installments, includes a full transcription (with tab), in-depth analysis, playing hints and tips, and a video playthrough. If you wish to, you can gradually build up a collection of the chapters to complete the album.

Download chapter three here, then download the transcription and follow along with the video:

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  1. Anthony M Ciantar

    You don’t happen to have the bass tabs for what’s on my mind? I can’t find them anywhere, thank you

    • Tim Fletcher

      Hi Anthony. Just click on the link where it says ‘transcription’ and the notation and tab are there.


      Tim Fletcher