GroundUP Music with Becca Stevens, Bokanté, Alina Engibaryan And More: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

I’ve always loved the Tiny Desk series, and I am so glad they were able to keep it going during these trying times. Here’s a new “Home” version of the series, with musicians from the GroundUP Music label, which offers a fantastic mix of music.

The first song in the set, “Heather’s Letters to Her Mother”, features Chris Tordini on bass and vocals. The second tune, Réparasyon” performed by Bokanté includes Michael League on bass, and the third and final song in the set is “We Are” performed by Alina Engibaryan, who performs Moog bass along with League on vocals.

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  1. Scott Isaacson

    Becca Stevens totally and completely recordeded a soon to-be- classic…absolutely perfect!!!!

  2. Vinny Sansone

    Touching tune. Beautiful performance and vocals. Thanks for sharing Corey.