David Gross Publishes “Bass ala Melodic Minor Modes”

David Gross: Bass ala Melodic Minor Modes

Bassist and educator David Gross has just published a new instructional book called Bass ala Melodic Minor Modes. The 90+ page book is a deep dive into the melodic minor scale, its chords, and its modes.

“When you take a scale of just 7 notes and the octave and then rearrange those notes, you have a variety of chord scales called modes,” Gross writes. “This book is a critical look at the Melodic Minor Scale, its modes, and the chords that are built on those modes. I will show you a variety of ways to look at, play, and hear these modes and if you diligently practice the materials, you will be able to use these modes and their examples in a number of situations.”

Gross presents each concept in depth with all of the exercises in both standard notation and tablature. The book is available now in paperback and Kindle versions.

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