MSL Pedals Introduces the Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser Pedal

MSL Pedals Night Witch Pedal

MSL Pedals has announced the Night Witch Fuzz and Ramping Phaser Pedal, which the company explains is their take on the vintage Roland AP7 Jet Phaser. The new unit replicates the original characteristics while updating it for modern times.

“Changes include expanded Fuzz controls: Volume, Tone, and Fuzz; individual true bypass footswitches for each effect; a 4 / 8 stage Depth toggle switch; and internal charge pump for standard negative tip 9vdc power supplies,” they write.

The new ramping footswitch lets you slowly speed up the Rate control setting to the fastest rate possible. Disengaged, it will slow down from the fastest rate back down to your Rate setting, making it act like a two-speed Leslie. MSL also includes an internal trimmer to boost the phaser output to unity level.

“This pedal is designed for use by guitarists or bassists,” the company adds. “The tone control is unique in that it cuts the highs while boosting the bass and vice versa.”

You can hear the pedal on bass around the 6-minute mark in this demo:

The MSL Pedals Night Witch comes in Teal, Purple, and Black housings. It’s available for $300.

Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser Pedal Features:

Individual Bypass Footswitches for each effect
Expanded Fuzz Controls: Volume, Tone, and Fuzz
4 / 8 stage Phaser Depth switch
Phaser Ramp Footswitch
Smaller pedalboard footprint
Standard negative tip 9vdc powering
Cutting / Boosting Tone control allows for Bass or Guitar use

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  1. Sam

    This is a guitar pedal. What a cheap shot. This is not a bass demo. Essentially clickbait.