Steely Dan: Reelin’ in the Years (Old Grey Whistle Test)

Here’s a fantastic clip from the “Old Grey Whistle Test”, which was recorded around 1973 but wasn’t aired until 1978.

Steely Dan performs “Reelin’ in the Years”, with the late, great Walter Becker on bass.

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  1. David Guettler

    I’ve never seen Skunk Baxter play standing up- he is rocking out!

  2. MARK B.

    COOL !!!!

  3. Peter

    What was that BS at the beginning?? That skunk baxter is one of the most over rated guitarist of all time. The other guitarist Denny Diaz is better, he played lead from the record, not BS fills and leads..

    • Duncan

      Peter, Elliot Randall played the solo on “Reelin’…”. The second solo begins with a huge string bend. Denny Dias famously didn’t bend strings (listen to his work on “Bodhisattva”). Also plenty of bending on the outro.