Evan Marien Publishes “Major Hexatonic Scales and Melodic Patterns Vol. 1”

Evan Marien: Major Hexatonic Scales and Melodic Patterns Vol. 1Evan Marien has released a new book that will help you take a new approach to the fingerboard. Major Hexatonic Scales and Melodic Patterns Vol. 1 centers around a six-note scale that the bassist says can be seen as a major scale with no 4th degree or a major pentatonic scale with an added major 7th.

“This exercise book is filled with over 10 years of carefully crafted patterns that are centered around [Marien’s] hexatonic approach,” the notes explain. “Presented in six parts, this book features major hexatonic scales through their endless and surprising uses. The chapter on permutations will especially help push yourself to the next level in your technique, ability, and musicianship by focusing on unique left-hand fingering patterns used by Evan himself.”

All of the scales and patterns are written in bass clef notation and tablature. The download link includes Guitar Pro 7 files for playback of exercises.

The 53-page ebook is available now for download for $15 from Marien’s website.

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