Federico Malaman and Gev Delano: Mala-Gev-Jam

We featured a video of 10-year-old bassist Gev Delano last week, and we were all blown away.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones. The young bassist caught the eye (and ear) of bassist Federico Malaman, who decided to write a song to record with Gev. Joined by drummer Riccardo Nicoli, here’s the trio performing “Mala-Gev-Jam”.

“At only 10 years old he is already a better bass player than many other people around. His talent is incredible and I am flattered by the fact that he calls me his bass ‘uncle’ on the other side of the world,” Federico shared. “A music collaboration with Gev was long overdue, so I decided to write a song just for him, and this is the result! He played incredibly well and I am proud of this incredible talent. Wait a few years, and we’ll see him play for the stars!”

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  1. Renzo

    Federico: just great! Fortunately your name is Malaman (something like “bad hand” in our Veneto`s dialect) :D
    [ In Tagalog (Philippines) it would mean something like “you know” or “meaty” ;D ]

    Gev: I just love this man!
    You have from me license to kill to protect him from haters and mostly from fake helpers!
    [ just ignore ’em ;) ]