Korg USA Acquires Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar Amplification Logo

Aguilar Amplification has been acquired by Korg USA, according to an email sent to retailers. The company, which is celebrating its 26th anniversary, is renowned for its line of products for bassists, ranging from bass amps and cabinets all the way down to pickups.

Co-founder Dave Boonshoft confirmed the news on Facebook, explaining that the company will remain largely unchanged by the acquisition. He will, however, be stepping down into a consultant position.

“I’m happy to have more time to devote to my new hobby, garlic farming, and to hanging out with my lovely wife, Caren,” Boonshoft shared. “In addition, I’ll be working as a consultant on new product design for Aguilar. Rest assured, the same world-class company that you know and love will become an even better brand by being part of the Korg universe.”

Aguilar Amplification has been renamed to Aguilar Musical Instruments, LLC as of January 1st, 2021. Boonshoft says that they will continue to produce their products in New York City and retain their current employees, including CEO Dave Avenius (now Managing Director) and CTO Goran Stankovic.

“This is a new chapter of growth for Aguilar, and I’m excited to share the future with all of you, my bass playing family,” Boonshoft concludes. “Onward and Upward!”

This marks the second bass brand Korg has purchased in the last two years. In 2019, they acquired Spector Basses.

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  1. Larry flipdabird

    Kiss Aguilar goodbye. Another swr and Ben Benz death.

  2. Steve

    They always say it’ll be the same great product, but it isn’t. SWR, Genz Benz, Eden, all kinds of great companies disappeared after they were acquired. Thankfully, Jeff Genzler came back with a new company and even better products, but that doesn’t seem to be the norm.