Adam Nitti Debuts Vocals on New Album, “The World Is Loud”

Adam Nitti: The World Is LoudAdam Nitti’s music always amazes us, but this time he’s surprised us, as well. His new album, The World is Loud, sees the bassist forging a new path with an aggressive prog-rock style in place of his earlier fusion work. As usual, Nitti handles all the compositions and bass work, though this time he’s debuting his impressive vocal abilities. The majority of the album features his singing with just a pair of instrumental pieces mixed in.

Though the project may seem out of left field, it makes perfect sense. Nitti grew up listening to bands like Rush, Yes, Genesis, Boston, and Led Zeppelin.

“This album was a tip of the hat to all of my earliest influences”, he states. “Before I was exposed to jazz and jazz/fusion music, my first bass heroes were players like Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, and Chris Squire, who were all in very successful rock bands. My fascination with their bass parts was accompanied by an appreciation for the compositional nature of the songs that framed what they played. I couldn’t help but also be influenced by the songwriting, the vocal melodies, and the instrumentation that exemplified the genre. My hope is that when people hear this music, they will hear a modern rock album that captures some of the elements that made the music from my roots so engaging and fun to listen to. I wanted it to be as enjoyable to listen to as it was to create.”

While Nitti handles a lot of the music, he called on an amazing set of musicians to guest on the eight-song collection including Keith Carlock, Marco Sfogli, Sonny Emory, and Scott Bernard. If you’re into epic rock music, this is a highly recommended album.

Get a load of the new direction with the video for “Zombies”, featuring Keith Carlock on drums and Nitti on everything else:

The World is Loud is available now on CD through Nitti’s website and as a digital download via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The World is Loud Track List:

  1. The World is Loud
  2. Zombies
  3. The Locust
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. The Professor
  6. Beat of My Heart
  7. Without Love
  8. Truthseeker

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