John Goldsby Releases Jazz Soloing Course on Discover Double Bass

Discover Double Bass: Tell Your Story

Renowned jazz bassist and educator John Goldsby has just released his third course with Discover Double Bass, entitled “Tell Your Story,” which focuses on soloing concepts for the jazz bassist. The online course features fifty lessons with over five hours of video content.

“You will learn techniques and strategies to improve your jazz soloing skills using many of the most popular jazz standards, including ‘I Got Rhythm’, ‘Moose the Mooche’, ‘Giant Steps’, ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘Tricotism’, and ‘Tenor Madness,’” the course description explains. “The lessons provide 100s of exercises, licks, patterns, and scales to practice concepts in every key.”

Each lesson has sheet music transcriptions and demonstrations to play along with Goldsby before ultimately creating your own unique solos. Users also get downloadable play-along tracks recorded by a live band to really emulate a gig situation.

Topics include making the leap from bass lines to solos, soloing with the bow, minor and major patterns, approaches to minor ii-V-I progressions, and more. Hear more about the course from Goldsby himself:

As part of the Discover Double Bass platform, all of the lessons are laid out in a neat, accessible, and user-friendly format. If you’re ready to take the leap into soloing or just up your game, this is a highly recommended course.

Enrollment for the course is normally $119 with a special introductory price of $89.25. Find more details at

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