Santi Debriano Releases “Flash of the Spirit”

Santi Debriano: Flash of the SpiritBassist, guitarist, and composer Santi Debriano has released a new album called Flash of the Spirit. The album, which explores the musical meshing of his cultural background, is inspired by Robert Farris Thompson’s book of the same name. Debriano is a Black Panamanian American who grew up in New York City after his family emigrated from Panama when he was just four years old.

“Thompson’s book proved revelatory, asking questions like “To what extent have African traditions and customs been retained by contemporary Black cultures throughout the Americas?,” a press release states. Debriano adds, “That book describes my ancestral struggle to stay present in the many worlds I live in, but also to never forget where I came from.”

The bassist kicks the album off with the aptly titled “Awesome Blues”, with Debriano answering the horn melody and switching between Afro-Caribbean rhythms and straight-ahead swing. His prowess on the instrument is showcased in the solo bass piece “For Heaven’s Sake” as well as his bow work on “Beneath the Surface.”

Flash of the Spirit is available now on CD or digitally via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3.

Flash of the Spirit Track List:

  1. Awesome Blues
  2. Funky New Dorp
  3. For Heaven’s Sake
  4. Beneath the Surface
  5. Toujours Petits
  6. Humpty Dumpty
  7. Natural Causes
  8. Ripty Boom
  9. La Mesha
  10. Voyage

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