Witherfall Returns with “Curse of Autumn”

Witherfall: Curse of AutumnAlthough spring is just around the corner, Witherfall has released their fourth album, Curse of Autumn. The band’s dark, melodic metal stylings are once again underpinned by the incredible bass playing of Anthony Crawford, who expands their palette with melodic lines, chords, and even some fretless work.

Witherfall also released a new music video for “…And They All Blew Away” from the album, although the 15-minute sonic journey was edited down for time.

“So, this is a total edit of this song,” the band says. “For those who dare, there is a 15+ minute version on the record that is by far the most progressive thing Witherfall has ever written and features an incredible drum performance by the legendary Marco Minnemann as well as an amazing display of eclectic bass techniques by Anthony Crawford. Going into the songwriting of ‘Curse of Autumn’, we always want to try and outdo ourselves with certain tracks and this goal was to write a song that took the listener on an unparalleled musical journey. This abridged version is set to cinema by UnholyRoman and is shrouded in mystery much like the meaning of the song.”

If you’re into epic metal with gripping bass lines, be sure to check this one out. Curse of Autumn is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3). A vinyl version is coming in April.

Curse of Autumn Track List:

  1. Deliver Us Into the Arms of Eternal Silence
  2. The Last Scar
  3. As I Lie Awake
  4. Another Face
  5. Tempest
  6. Curse of Autumn
  7. The Unyielding Grip of Each Passing Day
  8. The Other Side of Fear
  9. The River
  10. … And They All Blew Away
  11. Long Time
  12. … And They All Blew Away – Radio Edit

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