Warwick Introduces Black Label Nickel-Wound Bass Strings

Warwick Black Label Nickel-Wound Steel Bass Strings

Warwick has expanded their lineup of strings with the Black Label Nickel-Plated Steel Strings series, which includes six different sets. Warwick describes the strings as having a “smooth tight feel and a rich warm sound.”

The strings are a standard 34-inch scale and built with a roundwound wrap over a hexagonal core. They come in four, five, and six-string sets. Warwick offers Light, Medium Light, and Medium gauges for the four-string sets. The five and six-string sets each come in medium gauges with the five-string set having two variations: one with a low B string and one with a high C string.

The Warwick Black Label Nickel-Wound Bass String Sets are available now with prices ranging from $24.50 to $37.00.

Warwick Black Label Nickel-Wound Steel Bass String Features:

Nickel-Plated Steel
34″ long scale
Hexagonal core
Smooth surface
Warm, rich sound
Made in USA
Four-String Gauges: Light, Medium, Medium Light
Five-String (High C or Low B) Gauges: Medium
Six-String Gauges: Medium

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