Anthony Wellington Announces “Four Ways of Knowing a Musical Concept” Virtual Clinic

Anthony Wellington

World-renowned bass educator Anthony Wellington is continuing his virtual series of Bassology clinics this Monday, April 12th with a session called “Four Ways of Knowing a Musical Concept (or Anything).” The four concepts – physically, sonically, intellectually, and visually – are the crux of his teaching style.

“If you don’t know a concept equally those four ways (or know what those four ways really mean), you don’t know what you think you do!” Wellington writes. “Four Ways of Knowing a Music Concept is, to me, really, really important– so important that I built an entire curriculum around it over the course of 30 years. And I’m not done yet! But I’ve made pretty good progress. In this clinic, I will show you how to apply the four ways of knowing a music concept – physically, sonically, intellectually, and visually– to whatever you are learning and working on.”

Wellington’s clinic will be held on April 12th at 8:30 pm Eastern via Zoom. Admission is $26 when signing up before April 11th and $32 for signing up on the 11th. For more info, visit the Bassology website.

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