Anthony Wellington Announces “Fast Ears” Virtual Clinic

Anthony Wellington

Renowned bass educator Anthony Wellington will be holding a special virtual clinic on Monday, January 11th. Entitled “The Best Ears Are Fast Ears,” the session will leave you with improved aural recognition and response time.

“When you look out the window and see a tree, you know it’s a tree. You see it; you know it!” Wellington states. “Fast ears know what they are hearing when they hear it. I call that ‘seeing with your ears.’ Having good ears isn’t just about recognition— it’s about retrieval time and reaction time. If you’re on the gig or trying to get the music that’s in your head to come out of your instrument, ‘uhhhh, that’s aaaaaa G minor I think, probably or… no… wait…’ just won’t cut it! Either your gig or your idea will be lost!”

Wellington will be offering the class at 3:30 pm Eastern as well as 8:30 pm Eastern. Enrollment is $22. For more details and tickets, visit the Bassology Around the World website.

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