Bass & Creativity: From Improvisation to Composition

In this lesson, we’ll discuss some key elements on how to structure an improvisation in order to transform it into a full-grown composition.

To do so, we’ll focus on setting a ground, defining fundamental ideas, and how to articulate them.

Follow along with the video, which is broken down as follows:

  • 00:31: Defining tempo & harmony
  • 01:32: Difference between fixed and improvised parts
  • 02:41: Wrap up of the A section (Em Bm)
  • 03:08: Opening possibilities for B section
  • 04:13: Refining the B section
  • 04:26: Create a pivot point back to the A section Bb7#5
  • 06:36: Wrap up of the B section + Bb7#5
  • 07:33: B section
  • 08:34: Wrap up of the composition & process
  • 09:43: Composition performance
  • 11:53: Adding flavors and harmonic surprises (D7 & Gm)
  • 13:43: Structure and basic ideas
  • 14:40: Outro, cycles & repetitions

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