Dan Hawkins Publishes “Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique”

Complete Fingerstyle Bass TechniqueBassist and educator Dan Hawkins has published a new instructional book called Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique. The method includes over 110 exercises from beginner to pro levels for building your chops.

“I wrote this book because the number one question I get is, ‘what do I learn first on bass?’. I would say technique is the most common element for beginner bassists to tackle,” the author writes. “Put simply, if you have decent technique, the bass won’t be a struggle for you. Good technique leads to effortless playing which leads to enjoyment, momentum, and ultimately, success on your bass playing journey!”

Hawkins starts at the very basics of holding the bass and plucking hand position before working up into thumb pivots and extended fingering. He also dives into expressive techniques such as bends and vibrato. The fifth chapter focuses on chordal playing techniques of free strokes, barring, and double-stops.

Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique comes with 150 audio files and demonstration videos with backing tracks to make sure you play everything correctly. It’s available now in paperback, Kindle and PDF versions.

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