Elrick Bass Guitars Introduces Sassafras Bodies

Elrick Bass Guitars Sassafras Bass Body

Elrick Bass Guitars has announced that they’ve added Sassafras to their line of available body woods. They describe it as an excellent alternative to swamp ash due to its open grain, soft texture, and light brown color. That’s important due to the difficulty in sourcing swamp ash, which has been devastated by environmental conditions and the emerald ash borer beetle.

“Fortunately, Elrick Bass Guitars is still holding a good supply of Swamp Ash to satisfy custom orders,” the company writes. “But with the increasing difficulty sourcing new inventories of Swamp Ash and its rising cost, the retail price of instruments utilizing this coveted material are also sure to increase. Sassafras is not only an excellent alternative already delivering outstanding results for Elrick Bass Guitars, it is not without industry provenance. In fact, Sassafras can be found on some of the most coveted Fender guitars and basses from the mid-1950s!”

Sassafras will be used on in-stock instruments as well as an option for custom orders.

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  1. jim liberty

    Sassafras just sounds just sounds funky.