“Killer Walking Bass Volume 2” Now Available

Killer Walking Bass Volume 2Teymur Phell and Jim Kalbach published Killer Walking Bass back in 2018, and now they’re pushing things even further with Killer Walking Bass Volume 2. Stating that the “search for the perfect walking line never ends,” the authors have added more variety while keeping the book to just the lines.

“In KWB Vol. 2, we included more tunes overall and chose songs with challenging chord changes,” they write. “As with Vol. 1, the lines are conceived to be played behind the soloist. While walking over the head of the tune is important, most of the time you’ll be supporting soloists. A vast majority of these lines rely only a quarter notes, a staple of walking bass. However, in Vol. 2 we’ve added embellishments.”

Volume 2 includes melodic lines for eight songs with more challenging chord changes. It also includes lines with notes for five-string basses.

Killer Walking Bass Volume 2 is available now in paperback from Amazon.

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