Skúli Sverrisson and Bill Frisell Album “Strata” Now Available Digitally

Skúli Sverrisson with Bill Frisell: StrataIcelandic composer and bassist Skúli Sverrisson has teamed up with guitar wizard Bill Frisell to release Strata. Previously released exclusively on vinyl via Newvelle Records, the duo album features ten hypnotic original compositions by Sverrisson.

“Skúli was tapped in to something I dream of,” Frisell said. “When we did the recording, it took it to 100%. It felt like something that was in my imagination, but even deeper and further.”

The music and opportunity was like a reverie for Sverrisson, as well. “Bill’s been a thread throughout my creative life,” he shares. “I wrote songs for this session, but Bill has been such an inspiration to me that, even on songs I wrote before I met him, he was already there.”

Watch the duo spin their magic on in this studio video for “Afternoon Variant”:

Strata is available now for download via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Strata Track List:

  1. Sweet Earth
  2. Instants
  3. Vanishing Point
  4. Ancient Affection
  5. Came to Light
  6. Cave of Swimmers
  7. Amedeo
  8. Afternoon Variant
  9. Segment
  10. Her Room

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  1. This is amazing! Thanks you so much. Skuli is one one the best! Great CD!