Ellen Alaverdyan: Tom Sawyer

Tech 21’s Dale Krevens sent us this video, with this note:

“This kid is burning up the internet. We couldn’t be more proud of her – and would still be even if she didn’t use the Geddy Lee YYZ Signature SansAmp. It is a joy to watch on every level and so inspiring. Wanted to be sure nobody misses this!”

Ellen Alaverdyan is a 9-year-old bassist who got her start in April 2020. In this clip, she plays along to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”.

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  1. MikeyM

    Boy Howdy, she’s pretty awesome now on bass; but just wait another 10 years and she’ll be ‘A Monster Player!’ Very Hip Ms. Ellen, please keep it up \m/

  2. MARK B


  3. Tony

    I think that’s the coolest thing I ever seen she’s an amazing player and her tone is fantastic I love it bravo young lady…… You rock

  4. J Dubbs

    A savant?? WOW
    Looked like she was in a studio… Father’s??
    Would like to hear her story

  5. Charles Harris

    Enjoyed that so much. You go girl!

  6. Major Havoc

    Awesome. Please keep playing classic rock

  7. Mark Shultes

    I have a fully original 1978 Guild B-302 bass that I want her to have.
    I bought it new and it’s in perfect condition.
    Have her parents reach out to me.

  8. William Serban

    Ellen Alaverdyan is a very very very great base player.

  9. Henri P.

    Love you Ellen ! You play so great ! Thank you Dad ! For being such a awesome Dad !!

  10. Bill Newcomb

    Ellen you are awesome I love ?? the way you play and practice you are an awesome bassist listen to your Dad and keep playing Dad is a very good teacher great job Dad