Basiner Unveils the Acme Strap

Basiner Acme Strap

Basiner has announced the Acme Strap, a guitar and bass strap designed for comfort and security. The new offering features VITALGRIP, which is a built-in locking mechanism to grip your bass’s strap buttons without alteration or extra hardware.

The Acme Strap also has the REV system, which lets you reverse the VITALGRIP for different orientations so it sits correctly.

The strap is made from neoprene with a padded inner core. It comes in three sizes – Regular, Long, and Slim – as well as four color options: Charcoal Grey, Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Rust Brown, and Black Camo.

The Basiner Acme Strap is available now for $50.

Basiner Acme Strap Features:

VITALGRIP Gripping Mechanism
REV SYSTEM allows VITALGRIP to engage the backside strap pin perfectly
Durable Fabric
Neoprene with padded inner core
Seatbelt grade webbing
Easy-adjust high-tensile buckles
Quadruple layer end panels

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