Bass of the Week: De Gier Guitars Custom Bebop

De Gier Guitars Custom Bebop Slap Bass

Sander De Gier shared this custom version of his Bebop model on Facebook and it stopped me in my tracks. The luthier wrote a great explanation of the bass, so we’ll let him tell it.

“So much to tell about this bass,” he writes. “The customer wanted something unique and it had to be the ultimate slapbass. It features a hollow hard ash body, with f hole in the arm bend. Three custom pickups, wound for punch, each with a selector switch. The 4th switch is series for neck and bridge. Controls: vol tone bass treble (our 70s pre). Yes that’s passive treble roll of and active treble boost. The 3 pickups give you many cool mixing options for all varieties of slapsound you could want. The neck is 1 pc santos rosewood. Inside are carbon rods and a dual action trussrod and yet it’s a 1 pc neck. Special trick. I have built hundreds of basses but this was something else.”

He also made a quick demo video:

De Gier Guitars Custom Bebop Bass Specs:

Body:Flamed Ash
Neck:1-piece Santos Rosewood
Pickups:Custom De Gier
Electronics:De Gier ’70s Preamp
Controls:Volume, Tone, Bass, Passive Treble Roll Off/Active Treble, Pickup Selector Switches, Series Switch for Neck/Bridge pikcups
Bridge:De Gier

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  1. William Burdis


    Lovely instrument. Somehow you have built something that a die hard slap head would actually die for. Amazing neck – such beautiful figuring. This instrument will only improve over time.
    Wait, Your customer is calling me, hang on:


    Ok, Your customer said he doesn’t have room and I can look after it for the next 20 years.

    ? ooof.