Matt Ulery Releases First Live Album

Matt Ulery: Delicate Charms Live at the Green MillBassist and composer Matt Ulery has released many beautiful albums, but they’ve all been made in the studio. Now he’s produced his first live record called Delicate Charms Live at the Green Mill, which captures his band and their incredible energy in the spring of 2021.

“Just as Chicago was starting to open up in April/May 2021, it seemed like the only live music happening inside was at some of the jazz clubs,” the bassist states. “The Green Mill was operating with a seated-only capacity. While braving the elements, we were all so hungry for live music in a room together, so it was no surprise that the vibe in the room was tangible…We couldn’t imagine replicating the energy in a studio that was created and felt that weekend at the Mill.”

As with all of Ulery’s music, Live at the Green Mill is stunning and passionate with deeply poignant moments. Each track is a rich tapestry of sound that is slowly woven with meaning. The shortest track is just over seven minutes long.

“The tunes on this record have long, dynamic forms requiring intense engagement of the musicians at play,” Ulery explains. “I wanted to create something new (to me) that has the composure of chamber music while having the agility through these forms only potent improvisers can bring to the flow… These guys absolutely crushed the new material, all the ink and all the dynamic improvisation that is always woven throughout this music.”

Feel the drama of the album with the song “Oceans Away”:

Delicate Charms Live at The Green Mill is out now digitally through Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3.

Delicate Charms Live at The Green Mill Track List:

  1. We Are Just At The Limit
  2. Oceans Away
  3. The Arrival
  4. Undertow
  5. That Hideous Strength
  6. Consumer of Time

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