Tony Levin Unveils King Crimson Print Collection

Tony Levin's "King Crimson Print Collection" 1981 Marquee

Most of us know Tony Levin for his unreal bass playing, but during his many years on the road, he also honed his skills as a photographer. Last year he released a book called Images from a Life on the Road, and now he’s announced a line of photo prints from his adventures in King Crimson.

“This year was the 40th anniversary of King Crimson’s ‘Discipline’ album, and, when not out on the road with the band, I’ve been busy preparing a high-quality print collection of 8 of my favorite photos I’ve taken of the band through the years (of which 6 are from the Discipline era),” Levin states. “All are archival prints, made by the great Jon Lybrook, of Intaglio Editions.”

Every print is signed, numbered, and certified by Intaglio Editions. They’re printed with Italian oil-based etching ink on 300 g/sm waterleaf fine art paper made in Germany. Each print is available individually or in a limited-edition, custom-crafted clamshell collection box.

Hear more about the collection from Levin himself:

The King Crimson Print Collection is open to pre-orders and will be shipping in early 2022. Individual prints are $499 while the limited-edition collection box is $3,699. Learn more through Tony Levin’s Prints website.

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  1. Great bass player very average photographer sadly.

    • Bren

      Many great photographers have made their reputation by being in the right place at the right time. Tony Levin has been in the right place at the right time for the last 40 years, and as a result has made an incredible contribution to the art by documenting unique behind the scenes moments that literally nobody else could have captured. How many other bands have been lucky enough to have such a comprehensive archive as King Crimson?
      There is nothing ‘average’ about Tony’s contribution to photography. What a brilliant man.