Ashdown Introduces Geezer Butler and John Myung Signature Pedals

Ashdown Geezer Butler and John Myung Signature Pedals

Ashdown has expanded their pedal lineup as well as their range of artist products with two new effects units: the John Myung Double Drive Pedal and the Geezer Butler Pedal of Doom. Each of the pedals has dual footswitches and as well as two of the company’s signature VU meters.

Myung, who has been using their amps for some time, talked with Ashdown to further build his tone during the sessions for Dream Theater’s latest album. “After talking with his tech and long-term Dream Theater crew chief Maddi we gained an idea of what was required to sit in line with his amps and instrument,” the company explains. “The Music Man Bongo has quite a unique tonal quality to it and his signature 6 string sounds and plays like nothing else. Bass distortion requires a strong gain structure to replicate a vast range of frequencies and with Johns playing this needed to be right.”

The result is a pedal with two individual distortions that can be stacked. It also has a transformer isolated DI.

Geezer Butler’s Pedal of Doom follows the introduction of the Head of Doom and as such is based on the Black Sabbath bassists amp. The first footswitch on the amp toggles between its two EQ sections while the second footswitch engages the “Doom” drive section.

Get the full scoop from Joe at Ashdown:

The Ashdown John Myung Double Drive Signature Pedal and Geezer Butler Pedal Of Doom will both begin shipping in January with street prices of $398.

Ashdown Engineering Geezer Butler Pedal Of Doom Features:

Based on Head of Doom Preamp Section
Dual EQ Sections with Separate Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid, Shared Treble
Doom Drive
Pro Balanced DI Output

Ashdown Engineering John Myung Double Drive Signature Pedal Features:

Dual Stackable Drive Sections
Gain, Loud, Grit, Burn, Tone Controls
Transformer Isolated DI Output w/Ground Lift
Ships with 2 x 6ft instrument cables 1 x XLR-XLR cable and a 9v power supply.

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