Keep It Groovy: Improvising Over The I-V-vi-IV Chord Progression

Hey there, bass players! Here’s a fun lesson on improvising over an extremely common chord progression, the “I-V-vi-IV”! You’ve probably heard this progression thousands of times… it shows up in everything from early rock and roll and doo-wop records to today’s radio hits. Think “Don’t Stop Believing,” “With Or Without You,” and so many more!

We’ll be working in the key of A and I’ll break down the process of moving from chord to chord, connecting notes within the arpeggio, and creating your own bass line.

Happy Practicing and Keep It Groovy!

PS: If you’re not familiar with this terminology, you can learn more by grabbing my ebook, Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players, or by checking out my masterclass series!

Ryan Madora is a professional bass player, author, and educator living in Nashville, TN. In addition to touring and session work, she teaches private lessons and masterclasses to students of all levels. Visit her website to learn more!

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