Taurus Amps Introduces Qube-350 Acoustic Bass Amp

Taurus Qube-350 Acoustic Bass Amp

Poland’s Taurus Amps has unveiled a new bass amp aimed at upright bassists called the Qube-350 Acoustic. Although it was made with upright in mind, they add that it works great for electric basses to make it a good option for doublers.

Rated at 350 watts, the amp has two channels that can each accept 1/4-inch or XLR inputs for use with a microphone or piezo pickup. The channels can be used independently or mixed with one bass as well as using each channel for two separate basses.

“Each of the channels is designed with a separate tone correction and GAIN control, which gives great flexibility in setting of expected tone of the instrument,” Taurus writes. “The tone correction is very transparent/neutral, without any ‘underlines’ so that exact sound of the instrument can be reproduced.”

Channel A has a “DBS” bass and treble contour knob in addition to bass, treble, and mid-tone controls. Channel B swaps the DBS knob for a parametric mid section. Other features include a subsonic filter, a mute, a phase inverter, an effects loop, and a line output. Its analog preamp is matched to a class D power amp, keeping the amp’s weight to just 4.5 pounds.

Hear the bass in action with a demo featuring Olo Walicki on both electric and acoustic bass:

The Taurus Qube-350 Acoustic is available direct with an introductory price of $750. It will go up to a regular price of $840.

Taurus Qube-350 Acoustic Bass Amp Features:

Power output: 350W RMS / 4ohms, 200W RMS / 8 ohms
XLR inputs: 100 kohms (balanced) suitable for microphone or instrument with balanced output.
JACK inputs: 1Mohm (unbalanced) - universal, suitable for instruments with active and passive pick-ups.
PHANTOM - 48V condenser microphones power supply
2 channels: A and B with separate tone and dynamics adjustment.
Mute Switch
Channel Switch (A, A+B, B)
Phase Invert Switch
Subsonic Filter
Effects Loop
Line out with Cab Simulation
Ground Lift
Weight: 4.5 lbs

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