Greyboy Allstars Return with Covers Album, “Get a Job”

The Greyboy Allstars: Get a JobGet ready to bob your head: The Greyboy Allstars have returned with their sixth studio album. Get a Job: Music From The Original Broadcast Series Soul Dream was compiled from the jazz funk band’s 2021 Soul Dream live-stream series on and features ten covers that have become staples of their live performances.

“We keep a running master list of around 70 tunes. From those I picked a mixture of tried-and-true live staples and songs that weren’t always in common rotation,” keyboardist Robert Walter explains. “Usually, for gigs, I propose a list and then the other members edit and tweak it. For the taping, we wanted each episode to have a theme: two of them focused on originals and the other two were covers: live favorites, and music that came out on Prestige Records. The tunes on this release are the best of the covers.”

The Greyboy Allstars lineup features Karl Denson, Elgin Park, Aaron Redfield, and bassist Chris Stillwell. Hear his solid groove on “Got to Get Me A Job”:

Get a Job is available now digitally through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

Get a Job: Music From The Original Broadcast Series Soul Dream Track List:

  1. I’ve Got Reasons
  2. Jug Eyes
  3. Smokin’ at Tiffany’s
  4. Lady Day and John Coltrane
  5. Turn It On
  6. Taxman
  7. I’ve Known Rivers
  8. Play It Back
  9. Got to Get Me a Job
  10. Walk On By

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