Tech 21 Introduces SansAmp Character Plus Series Pedals

Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus Series Pedals

Tech 21 has expanded its pedal lineup with the SansAmp Character Plus series, which includes four new units: the Screaming Blonde, the English Muffy, the Fuzzy Brit, and the Mop Top Liverpool. Each pedal pays homage to vintage amplifiers and historic pedals.

“Each of the Character controls sweeps through an entire spectrum of eras within their particular amp style,” the company writes. “Screaming Blonde tones range from the ’50s Fullerton to blackface and silverface. The English Muffy spans from classic UK rock to prog rock. Fuzzy Brit goes from classic hard rock to all current rock genres. The Mop Top Liverpool embodies the British invasion through “Bohemian” rock.”

While none are bass-specific, Tech 21 writes that bassists should take note of the English Muffy, which is related to the original SansAmp Character Series Leeds pedal, which particularly appealed to bass players.

Other standard features include a three-band EQ, XLR Output, and built-in speaker/cabinet simulation.

The Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus Pedals are expected to ship in June for $279 each.

Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus Series Pedals Features:

Screaming Blonde: Fender-style + Tube Screamer-style
English Muffy: HiWatt-style + Big Muff-style
Fuzzy Brit: Marshall-style + Fuzz Face-style
Mop Top Liverpool: Vox-style + Rangemaster Booster-style
3-band EQ
Cab Sim
XLR Output
9V DC Power Supply Included
Dimensions: 7.75″l x 2.5″w x 1.25″h
Weight: 12oz

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