Steve Davis Releases “Bluesthetic” with Christian McBride

Steve Davis: BluestheticSteve Davis has released Bluesthetic, which features a dizzyingly great band. The trombonist is joined by guitarist Peter Bernstein, vibraphonist Steve Nelson, pianist Geoffrey Keezer, drummer Willie Jones III, and bassist Christian McBride. The group of musicians has all been working together for many years in different capacities.

“Recording this album was kind of like a family reunion,” Davis says. “We all go back 30-some years together, which is kind of surreal. With a dream team like this nothing could go wrong, but it ended up being even better than I anticipated. It was an absolute joy to have this whole group together.”

Davis and company explore ten of the trombonist’s new compositions that range from blues and ballads to funk and swing, but there is always an underlying sensibility to the music.

“With my music, the blues is always going to find its way in there,” Davis explains. “I’m never going to stray too far from having some element of that language. I can’t help it; it’s what I love. And it definitely represents how this particular band approaches jazz music.”

“He just likes good, solid, pretty melodies and pretty chord changes,” McBride adds.

Bluesthetic is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Bluesthetic Track List:

  1. Encouragement
  2. Silver at Sundown
  3. Maybe So
  4. Bedford Strolle
  5. Faraway Dream
  6. They Wore 44
  7. Off the Cuff
  8. Indigo to Azure
  9. Bluesthetic
  10. A Star for Chick

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