Brady Watt with Brad Wilk and Robert Trujillo: Nobody Home

Brady Watt is a monster bassist, but he’s also a master of collaboration. His Bass & Bars series on YouTube sees him teaming up with legendary hip hop artists to reimagine classic tracks. Now he’s aligned the rhythm sections of Rage Against The Machine and Metallica.

“Nobody Home” features drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Robert Trujillo throwing down hard with Watt. The song was born after Wilk took note of the bassist’s YouTube series.

“Brad (Wilk) reached out to me early on when I started the Bass & Bars series. He invited me to jam at his studio in Venice Beach, CA. We did just that and spent the day getting to know each other. Around that time I had this hard-ass riff that I wanted to make into a song. I sent it to him to record drums and that became the foundation of ‘Nobody Home,'” Brady says. “The track still needed more action, and Brad had been talking to Robert Trujillo, so we gave it a shot and sent it to him to see if he could come up with some ideas. Robert and I spoke frequently, and within a few weeks he had laced up the track with all sorts of riffs and grooves.”

Watt and Trujillo trade monster riffs and solos, leading one commenter to say “Beware guitarists: we are not in need of you!”

“Nobody Home” is streaming now.

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