Bass of the Week: America Paz’s Dingwall NG3 “Sailor Bass”

America Paz with Dingwall NG3 "Sailor Bass"

Chilean bassist, singer, and songwriter America Paz recently debuted a new look for her Dingwall NG3 to create what she calls the “Sailor Bass.” The stock instrument was painted by artist “El Miedo,” who specializes in applying fluorescent colors to anime styles.

“‘Sailor Bass’ is an absolutely magical bass, depending on the color and the type of lightning reflected on it, which allows seeing how some colors light up, triggering a visual effect that makes it seems like the drawing comes to life and lights itself,” Paz writes.

You can see her playing it in this clip:

El Miedo also made the art for Paz’s new album, Message From The Stars. The instrumental record mixes Chilean folklore with funk, fusion, and anime culture. It features several guest artists, including bassists Jorge Campos, Felipe Ilabaca, Ernesto Holman, and Bubby Lewis. Message From The Stars is streaming now on Spotify.

Dingwall NG3 “Sailor Bass” Specs:

Frets:24 acoustic-sized frets, Novax Fanned-fret system
Pickups:3 Dingwall FD3-N
Electronics:Darkglass Tone Capsule
Finish:Custom by El Miedo

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