Drybell Releases Module 4 Compressor Pedal

Drybell Module 4 Compressor PedalDrybell has added a new compressor pedal to their lineup with the Module 4. The unit is a modern take on the vintage Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer of the ’70s, but also has a “full frequency” mode by pressing an orange button.

“Basically, the user gets two compression flavors and they are easily distinguishable,” they state. “Orange brings a warm, vintage sound and feel while ‘Full Frequency range’ brings a more modern, brighter, clearer tone. The pedal is equipped with several colorful, and practical options, all packed into the new DryBell enclosure line.”

The Module 4 has a full control set with Output, Tone, Blend, Attack, Release, and Preamp knobs. You can also hold down the footswitch to engage the Expander, which automatically attenuates incoming background noise. Additional features include a Low End cut, true bypass or buffered bypass options, and a three-color compression level meter.

You can hear the Module 4 on bass at the 3:20 mark in this demo:

The Drybell Module 4 is available for $315.

Drybell Module 4 Compressor Pedal Features:

Orange or Full Frequency Modes
Output, Tone, Blend, Attack, Release, Preamp controls
Expander - Attenuates incoming background noise
3-color compression level meter
Low end cut
True Bypass or Buffered Bypass
Power On Settings Save Option
Standard power supply 9-18V DC, 100mA minimum

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